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UNISKILLS acquired the Franchise rights for Janiking operations in Nov 2007 for the Kingdom of Bahrain and has since successfully entered into contract with Royal Medical Services , Bahrain Defense Forces Hospital Riffa for the single largest cleaning contract in the Island .


Jani-King International, Inc., headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a privately owned franchising organization. Over 11,000 accounts strong, Jani-King dominates commercial cleaning franchising. Founded in 1969 by Jim Cavanaugh, Jani-King has grown to become the # 1 and largest commercial cleaning franchisor in the world.

At Jani-King, we are strategically focused on the long-term relationship. It is our belief that the success of a company cannot be measured by individual accomplishments, but rather by years of consistency and progress from a well-organized force of capable people. High goals and expectations are routinely set and exceeded at Jani-King. Jani-King’s proven program, guided by a strong internal obligation to its franchise owners, ensures a future full of promise. By blending custom-made programs with demanding corporate objectives, the Jani-King name has become synonymous with quality.

Today, Jani-King’s dominant position in the industry is evidenced by the company’s recognition in several top business publications such as Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur International, Money, Business Start-Ups and Success. As a result, Jani-King is adding franchise owners at an unprecedented rate. We continue to look worldwide to develop business opportunities – adding to Jani-King’s impressive international markets in Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, France, Great Britain, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, China, Hong Kong Taiwan, Russia and Turkey.

Dedication to customer satisfaction, quality Janiking support and worldwide expansion has placed Jani-King at the top of its industry. These standards are the foundation of the driving force behind the continuing success story of Jani-King.

By choosing Jani-King as the supplier of your commercial cleaning services, the following advantages will be realized:

  1. A partnership with the World’s Leading Commercial Cleaning Franchise Company, with a 36-year track record and specific and relevant experience in facilities worldwide.
  2. A Research and Development Division comprised of experienced professionals, which develops and implements quality assurance programs and new standards.
  3. An ongoing relationship with a company that brings to your organization the benefits of both large and small business, through its national/international expertise and the dedication of a local Janiking.
  4. An internal quality control system and customer communication program that ensures total success through customer satisfaction.
  5. Service by a company that is flexible in meeting the specific needs of your Customers, staff and facilities, but uncompromising when it comes to the high standards and the consistency of the service it delivers.
  6. Access to the resources and buying power of 11,000 Janikings and 110+ Jani-King Regional Support Centers worldwide. Each regional office is staffed with the most qualified technical and administrative support available, which assures your satisfaction.
  7. Minimization of health and safety risks relevant to cleaning your facility through systematic and scientific control of all risk factors, in particular the selection and application of chemicals and measurement of results.

An organization that, on every level, is driven by: PEOPLE, PRIDE AND PERFORMANCE


Jani-King’s Quality Control Program goes beyond just identifying problems. It is a proactive approach containing multiple steps, including inspections by our Regional Operations Staff, and written feedback by the Client. Furthermore, it includes elements that cause specific corrective actions to take place. If deficiencies are identified and not corrected by the Team leader within 24 hours, the Customer Service Representative in the Regional Office will send in a crew to correct the deficiencies. Customer issues/concerns are polled on a weekly basis and reviewed by our corporate operations. A corrective action plan is then developed to forestall any negative trends.

All employees are thoroughly trained in OSHA standards and regulations concerning bloodborne pathogens and hazardous communication. Material Safety Data Sheets are provided for all chemicals used in the your facilities. The job performance of all employees of Jani-King is routinely reviewed by by a member of the local regional office operations staff. Jani-King uses several written communication tools to ensure that each Jani-King office is, in fact, protecting their investment by monitoring the performance of each employee.

Each Janiking site is required to complete a comprehensive safety awareness program during their initial training to promote increased attention and responsibility to on the job safety. Through the use of Jani-King’s dedicated Risk Management Department, Safety Manuals and recurrent safety first training programs, education, common sense and attitude are continuously emphasized.


The Jani King Memo Pad is used for daily communication between the team leaders and the person designated by BSE as the contact person at each BSE location. Entries are made by the BSE contact person or by Jani-King personnel. Jani-King will ensure that each location will always have a memo pad on hand. The pad is kept at a location within each facility designated by BSE .

Jani-King Contact Evaluation Sheets: Each Jani-King Regional Director is required to meet with the contact person in every account once a month. At this time, the contact person should complete and sign the Contact Evaluation Sheet. This meeting gives JaniKing and the contact person an opportunity to review the Past Performance Sheets and to discuss any problems that may have arisen since the last meeting.

Jani-King Inspection Reports: This form is the Janiking’s checklist when inspecting accounts. Jani-King inspect accounts after every clean. Inspections are reviewed with employees where weak areas are constructively pointed out and compliments are given when applicable. The quality of work being performed is a direct reflection on the Janiking’s reputation. Jani-King protect that reputation with regular inspections.


Client Title of contract From To No of full time staff
Royal Medical services, BDF Hospital, Riffa Cleaning & PATMAN(Patient assistant ) Services 2008 2013 138
General Oragnisation for Youth & Sports Janitorial services 2010 2015 300
Ministry of Health Janitorial services Feb 2012 Dec 2012 114
Bahrain Islamic Bank Janitorial Services 2012 2015 15
Bahrain National Museum, Ministry of Information Janitorial services 2012 2014 16
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