About us

UNITAG Group was incorporated in 1974 with a vision of establishing a professional commercial entity that prides itself to have played a major role in the development and modernization of the Kingdom of Bahrain by encouraging local and international investments on the island.

This vision, lead by Founder and Chairman, Jamil Wafa, quickly led to the Group firmly establishing itself as the right company in the right place at the right time. The rapid growth of the Group clearly reflects the development of Bahrain into an internationally recognized nation with latest modem facilities.

UNITAG Group's activities range from trading and travel to supply of medical equipment and services. Other activities include consultancy, financial services and industrial caterers. The group also has a Joint Venture with Siemens in Bahrain.

In 1975, UNITAG’s Chairman was instrumental in the opening of the Bahrain International Airport. Over the years, the following airlines which UNITAG has represented have operated to Bahrain - Pan Am, Phillipine Airlines, UTA French Airlines, British Caledonian and Cathay Pacific.

Mr Wafa is a founder of Bahrain Airport Services (BAS) and was the longest serving board member since 1978. He has been actively involved with the establishment of the Marina Club, the Golf Club, the Five Star Hotel Committee, the creation of the association of the travel agents and is the founder and first president of the Skal Club of Bahrain .

He was instrumental in establishing the High council for Tourism in 1986, and the IAA (international Advertising Agency). Developed, coordinated the finance and construction of the first class hotel in Bahrain the Regency, managed by Inter-Continental hotels group; developed and coordinated the construction of the First anodised modern office building in Bahrain, Unitag House.

He was also the PTSA President and a board trustee of the Bahrain American School and participated in 1986 at receiving the award of Excellence in Education at the garden of the White House by President Ronald Reagan and William Bennett.

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